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Black Minds Matter 2018 @ ARC: Week 7: Campus Climates and Non-Cognitive Outcomes

Week 7

Recommended Book

Wood, J. L. (2019) Black minds matter: Realizing the brilliance, dignity, and morality of Black males in education. Montezuma. 

The library has ordered this title but it is not yet available.

Recommended Articles

Davis, J. E. (1994). College in Black and White: Campus environment and academic achievement of African American males. The Journal of Negro Education, 63(4), 620-633.  

Moore III, J. L., Madison-Colmore, O., & Smith, D. M. (2003). The prove-them-wrong syndrome: Voices from unheard African-American males in engineering disciplines. The Journal of Men’s Studies, 12(1), 61-73.  

Palmer, R. T., & Gasman, M. (2008). ‘It takes a village to raise a child’: The role of social capital in promoting academic success for African American men at a Black college. Journal of College Student Development, 49(1), 52-70.  

Wood, J. L., & Essien-Wood, I. (2012). Capital identity projection: Understanding the psychosocial effects of capitalism on Black male community college students. Journal of Economic Psychology, 33(5), 984- 995.

Optional Readings

Palmer, R. T., Wood, J. L., & Arroyo, A. (2016). Toward a model of retention and persistence for Black men at HBCUs. Spectrum: Journal on Black Men, 4(1), 5-20.  

Strayhorn, T. L. (2015). Factors influencing Black males’ preparation for college and success in STEM majors: A mixed methods study. Western Journal of Black Studies, 45-63.